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The New Extreme trampoline board by Bounceboard® is heavier, sturdier and more versatile than our original Classic trampoline board: You asked for a stronger high flying board you can slam, grab and grind and here it is! Catch air now! One size fits all. Ages 6 years to adult, 40-220 lbs.


Athletes who are strong and want to gain more strength should choose the Extreme. The Extreme board is heavy at 7 lbs and made of tough EVA foam with specialized reinforcement layers. The Extreme board will give your legs the most power to jump and land (rebound) compared to any of the other board we sell. Our Pro recommends this board to master and gain core strength before advancing to the Pro Bounceboard trampoline board. Tall athletic people may prefer the PRO model that is 5 inches longer and has a wider 21 inch stance. For most athletes ages 6 to 60, this is the board for you!

You can cinch the straps tight with the new double D-ring hook and loop strap assembly. Straps are finished with Velcro. Coaches and trainers at trampoline parks and training centres say the Strap-wraps are ideal for long work out sessions. No more blisters!

Elevate your performance with the new PRO model trampoline board by Bounceboard. Check out moves by our PRO on Facebook and Instagram @bounceboardpro

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 20 cm


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