Come practice yoga with Surfing Services renowned yoga instructor Mae Occhilupo

Yoga and surfing go together like sand and saltwater. Yoga gets you in touch with the rhythm of your body, while surfing gets you in sync with the wave patterns and ocean tides. Surfing Services Australia offer a beach yoga session with renowned yoga instructor Mae Occhilupo at Currumbin Alley. Click on the link to book adults or book kids sessions today. Mae is passionate about health, wellness and keeping our body and minds fit. She offers years of yoga experience implementing mindful breathing and promotes techniques for living a stress free conscious lifestyle.

Why should surfers do yoga?

Learning how to breathe properly might be the biggest benefit surfers will get from practicing yoga.  Most people breathe through their mouths taking short and shallow breaths.  In yoga you want to breathe through your nose filling your entire lungs.  This can be very beneficial in lessening fear in big surf as well as giving you the lung capacity to handle being held down by the waves. The ocean can be unpredictable and at times dangerous, add other surfers around you and there’s a whole heap of things you need to be aware of, from paddling out, to looking for your next wave, to standing up and riding, and keeping out of other surfers way. If you’re distracted, you’re going to pay the price.  Having a calm and focused mind in any conditions will help keep you safe in the water and will give you a better understanding of your movements and mistakes.   

Flexibility & Stretching

Additionally, apart from being a great form of exercise which strengthens your surfing, it also has similar effects as a massage does. While surfing, your muscles are constantly contracting while in the water and benefit greatly from yoga, as it lengthens the muscles and really helps to unwind all those knots that you can accumulate while surfing. It is crucial to stretch before and after surfing so why not use yoga to stretch out your muscles to ensure you don’t pull a muscle or get a cramp while in the ocean. The practice of yoga uses opposing muscle groups and body weight to stretch and lengthen many muscle groups throughout the body, shoulders, chest and hips.

Lesson times available

Kids & Teens 4pm every Friday.
Adults 9.30am every Monday.
Privates lessons avialable on request.


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