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Urban Surf Fit Gym

Surf fitness programs are for any surfer who recognizes the need to improve their fitness in the water and would like to take their surfing up a few notches. Richo surf coach works with Shane with a lot of surfers together helping them achieve being their optimal.

Shane uses specific exercises to target key areas of the body that improve all aspects of surf camp australia from better paddle endurance to help you get more waves and get into waves faster & deeper through to better balance, speed and power for faster take offs, stronger turns and less wipeouts.

Urban Surf Fit Gym
Life Synergy

Life Synergy

Come in and visit our Naturopathy and Gold Coast Acupuncture clinic today in Burleigh Heads to discover a treatment solution specifically catered to your body and needs. As well as helping her husband with their surf school Bianca Richardson is also a renowned Naturopath and a Wellness & Health Specialist. She has been in the Natural Medicine industry for over 20 years consulting, lecturing, researching and training. Being a mum herself and with her extensive sports background she has a great understanding of natural medicines, food and lifestyle plans to promote your optimal health and wellness. Bianca’s main focus is with nutrition including sports, food intolerance testing, live blood testing, genetic testing, iridology, pregnancy and children’s health having a passion for maintaining health and total wellbeing too.


Inlayz technology, is not just surfboard art for your surfboard…

Inlayz is a mark of strength and quality in surfboard graphics and is applied during construction. It’s a place where you can upload your own styled graphics and order Inlayz – so get creative!  It’s also a graphic gallery with hundreds of surfboard designs already created for your choosing! Our online store is a place where graphic designers from around the globe offer their surfboard art to millions of surfers worldwide, so you can style your surfboards your way.  It’s patented technology that enhances the strength of your laminated, resisting deck sink & depressions. Inlayz are engineer tested and proven to strengthen the impact resistance of your laminates.  We’re here to make you look good!

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Mrs Palmers
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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Surf Mud
The Deck Cafe
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