Surf Coaching Gold Coast – About our Team

Our Surfing Services coaches are fully qualified through Surfing Australia’s coaching courses and are all individually licensed by the Gold Coast City Council under Surf Coaching Gold Coast standards. Their accreditation’s are recognised by the National Sporting Organisation for coaching and the only courses recognised by the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. Surfing Australia and associated state branches are recognised by the international surfing Association as the world leader in the development of coaching and judging programs.

Our coaches must also renew their Bronze Medallion or at minimum their Surf Rescue Certificate and every year ensure they are up to date with first aid, Advanced resuscitation, their Surf Coaching Gold Coast standards, and surf rescue techniques.

Each coach must obtain a Working with Children Check. This is a comprehensive criminal record check for people in child related work in Queensland.

Mark Richardson - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Mark Richardson

Advanced/High Performance

  • Years Coaching: Since 1999
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance – goofy anywhere that’s hollow
  • Fav surfer – Joel Parkinson
  • Fav Manoeuvre – Barrel or Backhand snap
  • Achievements – 5 times Aus Champ – Aust Jnr team coach winning 6 consecutive gold medals
  • Coaching the world’s best Joel Parko and Courtney Conlogue current world number 1 womens
Gary Cruikshank - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Gary Cruikshank

Advanced/High Performance

  • Years coaching: Since 2003 with 10 years coaching at the HPC
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance: Natural foot
  • Favourite Surf Break: North Narrabeen, Uluwatu
  • Favourite Surfer:  Mick Fanning
  • Favourite Manoeuvre:  Turn – Fins out snap
  • Career Highlights:  Contest results – A Dozen 33rds in ASP contests throughout the world
  • What inspires you to teach people to surf:  Why teach surfing: To make the young and old surfers of Australia to reach their full potential in the sport of surfing
Jay Phillips - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Jay Phillips

SurfGroms/Advanced/High Performance

  • Years coaching: 5yrs
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Goofy or Natural: Natural
  • Favourite Surf Break: Kirra // Padang Padang
  • Favourite Surfer: Tom Curren // Occy
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: tube ride
  • Career Highlights: 30 plus victories at a teams challenge level for Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club
  • What inspires you to teach people to surf: giving the surf knowledge that surfers need to succeed to be a better surfer
Rachel Cowley - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Rachel Cowley

Head coach – SurfGroms, intermediates, advanced

  • Years coaching: since 1999
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance: goofy
  • Favourite Surfer: Wilko
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: forehand Floater
  • Best place you have ever surfed:  Indonesia (Sumbawa)
  • What inspires you to teach surfing: Watching passionate, driven kids go from absolute beginner to pumped up, excellent high performance surfers.
Chase Hyland - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Chase Hyland

SurfGroms / beginners/ Intermediates

  • Years coaching: since 2014, surfed since I was a grom
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance: goofy
  • Favourite break: Restaurants
  • Favourite surfer:  Clay Marzo and Bethany Hamilton
  • Favourite Manoeuvre:  Getting barrelled
  • Why teach surfing: I get to do what I truly love. It’s the best feeling to see them stoked after riding a wave all the way to the sand.
Tony Pope - Surf Coaching Gold Coast

Tony Pope


  • Years Coaching:  Coaching since 1996
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance:  Goofy or Natural: natural
  • Favourite Surf Break: Tweed Coast
  • Favourite Surfer: Owen Wright
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: Sit-down Squat Snap
  • Career Highlights:
    • Being part of the Australian coaching staff to help Steph win her first world amateur title
    • Coaching Amanda Clegg to a Australian U/18 women’s Title. 2004
Eddie Read

Eddie Read

SurfGroms / beginners/ Intermediates

  • Years Coaching:  Coached since 2012
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance:  Natural
  • Favourite Surf Break:  South straddie
  • Favourite Surfer:  John John Florence
  • Favourite Manoeuvre:  Big barrel riding
  • Contests
    • Finals at 2012 Body Board Pipeline pro
  • What inspires you to teach people to surf:  Surfing has given me so much. It keeps you fit. Is extremely enjoyable. Connects you with nature and the elements. And is the most relaxing and calming sport you can participate in. To share that is a pleasure!
Andre De Castro

Andre De Castro

All Levels

  • Career Highlight: Helped Coach Adriano De Souza to win the World Title
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Favourite Surfers: Tom Curren, Occy, Fabio Gouveia, Mick and Parko
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: Barrels, carves, fin bust
  • Best place you have ever surfed:  Scar Reef (Brazil), Nias (Indonesia) and Kirra
  • What inspires you to teach surfing:  New challenge now to pass on the knowledge acquired during these years for the young talent emerging and intend to pursue a career as a professional surfer.
  • Andre Best Competition Results:  4th JR Open 2008; 5th Boardmasters WQS 5stars -England 2010;  3rd Chiko Burleigh Pro 2014; 9th Scoot Burleigh Pro 2015 – WQS 1000; 2 x Open Champion Kirra Surfriders 2013-2014
Blake Potts

Blake Potts

SurfGroms / beginners/ Intermediates/Advanced

  • Years Coaching: since 2010, surfing for 36 years
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance – Goofy
  • Favourite break – Kirra
  • Favourite surfers Tom Carroll and Mick fanning
  • Favourite Manoeuvre – Backhand vert snap
  • Surfing highlight: Travelled a lot to surf Jurassic park the Telo’s
Kiani Dobbyn

Kiani Dobbyn

Coaching Assistant: SurfGroms/intermediate/advanced

  • Years coaching: since 2015
  • Stance: Natural
  • Favourite surf break: Uluwatu Bali
  • Favourite surfer: Steph Gilmore
  • Favourite manoeuvre: Carve/ Roundhouse
  • Contest Success – Queensland State Women’s surfing Champion twice 2 x Rip Curl Grom Search Wins   Finals at the Australian Surf Titles
Alyssa Lock

Alyssa Lock

Coaching Assistant: SurfGroms/intermediate/advanced

  • Years coaching: since 2015
  • Goofy or Natural: goofy
  • Favourite Surf Break: snapper
  • Favourite Surfer: Tyler Wright
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: Snap
  • Career Highlights:  3rd In the 2016 Cabo Mexico pro junior
  • What inspires you to teach people to surf: seeing the froth on the groms faces
Mia Karam

Mia Karam

Coaching Assistant: SurfGroms/ Beginners/ Intermediate

  • Years Coaching – Since 2014
  • Stance – Natural
  • Fav Manoeuvre – Cutback
  • Best place I’ve ever surfed: Cokes, Maldives
  • What inspired you to teach surfing – Being able to share what I love doing with other people and seeing others grow a love for it.
Josh Boyle

Josh Boyle

Coaching Assistant – SurfGroms/intermediate/advanced

  • Years Coaching:  Since 2015 but surfed since he could walk
  • Stance:  Natural
  • Favourite Surf Break:  Snapper
  • Favourite Surfer:  Mick Fanning
  • Favourite Manoeuvre:  Carve
  • Best surf contest result – National finals Rip Curl Grom Search
  • What inspires you to teach people to surf:  I enjoy coaching because it makes me happy seeing other people enjoy doing what I love.
Mae Occhilupo

Mae Occhilupo

Yoga Instructor

  • Years practicing yoga – Started in 2000
  • Types of yoga taught – vinyasa, yin, kids yoga, pre-natal
  • Favourite pose – virabhadrasana 2,
  • How has yoga benefited you – yoga had given me balance and to be gentle with myself. It’s been an amazing tool to quieten the mind and connect my body with my breath, reminding me to be present in all that I do, not just while I’m practicing.
  • What inspires you to teach yoga – sharing how I feel after I’ve been to a class and I want my students to be able to feel the same calmness, blissfulness, release, balance and all the other positive benefits yoga has besides the physical benefits of strength and flexibility.
Jazmin Hosking

Jazmin Hosking


  • Years coaching: since 2008
  • License:  Surf Coaching Gold Coast; Surfing Australia; APOLA
  • Stance: Natural
  • Favourite Surfer: Steph Gilmore
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: Backhand Reo
  • Best place you have ever surfed:  Mexico
  • What inspires you to teach surfing: I love sharing my knowledge of the ocean and the joy of surfing to all skill levels & abilities, knowing it can improve many areas of our lives.

Stunning Location

Currumbin Alley is one of the more famous breaks on the Gold Coast, a must to visit!

Innovative Coaching

Using state-of-the-art technology, our high performance coaches can include video analysis, iCoach (still photography), video production and more.

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We value our customers privacy and security, that is why we use PayPal. Your financial information is securely encrypted so you can pay online with confidence.

Amazing Feedback

Surfing Services is listed by Trip Advisor as #1 for water sports in this region.  This is something we are very proud of for our Gold Coast Surf School. Come and see why!

Recent Articles and offers from Surfing Services

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nudie SurfGroms, what skill level are you?

nudie SurfGroms features 5 distinct skill levels in surfing. Each level must be achieved and signed off by your coach before moving onto the next. Level 1 is designed for complete beginners as an introduction to surfing and the ocean environment. At the other end of the scale, Level 5 is conducted in 3-4ft conditions, and in which participants must demonstrate a competency in linking manoeuvres together on the open face of a wave and demonstrating a thorough understanding of ocean awareness and beach safety.

Mentawais Surf Trip – 7th to 20th September 2016

At Surfing Services Australia, we have an annual international coaching trip, it’s a great way to improve your skills, experience new and different surf breaks and you meet great new friends along the way and what better than being in amazing tropical climate! For the past four years we have been doing these trips in the Maldives on a boat then at Kandooma Resort, this year we’re changing it up and are going the Mentawais!

The best place to learn to surf!

Currumbin Alley is one of the most famous, exciting and fun surf breaks on the Gold Coast. It’s a great place to learn to surf or improve on your surfing. Surfing Services Australia offers surfing lessons for all ages and all levels from beginners, intermediate, advanced and high performance. Come surfing with us today!

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