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nudie SurfGroms

ALL LEVELS: nudie SurfGroms will be divided into SMALL groups.

nudie SurfGroms is exclusive to Surfing Services Australia. This Currumbin Alley Surf School is the only licensed Surfing Australia Surf School in the area with this program, which has been endorsed by The Australian Sports Commission.

Supported by six-time women’s world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore and world champion local men’s surfer Mick Fanning, nudie SurfGroms adopts approach to learning that not only equips your child with surfing skills but encourages participation by making it fun.

Every lesson is designed to create a positive and supportive learning environment so every participant can gain enough skills, confidence and experience to enjoy the freedom of surfing for a lifetime.

Surfing Services Australia’s Currumbin Alley surf school introduces beginners as Frothing Groms as they go on to learn the core surfing skills they’ll need in the ocean across five incremental skill levels. Frothing Groms learn fundamental Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety skills, such as surf survival, rescue techniques and basic first aid skills, as well as how to understand varying surf conditions while on the beach. Every nudie SurfGrom will receive a free Rip Curl Participant Pack when they register for the first time each season.  This pack contains the following items:

  • Rip Curl Backpack
  • Rip Curl pencil case
  • Logbook
  • nudie SurfGroms rash-vest
  • nudie brekkie
  • 2XP Groms Sunscreen
  • Woolworths fresh food Guide

This amazing pack is delivered for free, directly to your door following registration on any nudie SurfGroms program in Australia.  Every nudie SurfGrom will also receive a certificate boasting their achievements through the five SurfGroms skill levels.  SurfGroms is a national junior development program for 5 to 14-year-olds that encourages kids to get involved in surfing all around Australia.

Every Frothing Grom will receive a custom certificate when they complete a skill level, and a graded wristband that boasts their level of achievement throughout the program.  SurfGroms is a world-first, cutting-edge national junior surfing program – so sign up now!


Weet-Bix SurfGroms Currumbin
SurfGroms pack - Currumbin Gold Coast
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many surf coaches are in attendance per program?

We have ratio of 1:8, however this is rarely the case as we like to reduce these ratios further to ensure maximum enjoyment and success in the water.  In addition to the program instructors, there may also be parent volunteers helping out both in the water and on the beach and supporting the coaches in delivering your child’s program.

My child is not a strong swimmer, can he/she still join in?

Your child needs to be water confident to join Weet-Bix SurfGroms.  It is our expectation that your child can:

  • Float unassisted
  • Submerge without fear (open eyes under water and demonstrate breath control – blow bubbles underwater)
  • Free movement – move around confidently in an ocean environment independently and in a group situation

All Level 1 activities are conducted in shallow water (waist depth) only.  This allows those with a limited swimming ability to participate in the program, enabling them to develop their skills and confidence before moving up to the next skill level.

What can I do as a parent to get involved?

As a parent, if you wish to get involved in Weet-Bix SurfGroms, you can become a Weet-Bix SurfGroms Volunteer, and offer help.  This offers a great opportunity for you to learn more skills, share your expertise and experience with others, and spend some quality time with your children on the beach!

What to Bring
You don’t really need to bring much to Weet-Bix SurfGroms, but try to remember the following items:

  • Swimwear/surfgroms rash shirt
  • Towel
  • Drinking water
  • Your booking voucher (printed or on your phone)
  • A HUGE smile!!….

Where to meet us

“Great surf school for young and old!”

My kids have been having lessons for a few months and are having so much fun that I have also started. Coaches are awesome! Ariel124

Brisbane, Australia

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