Ladies it’s time to get in the water and learn to surf.

Have you ever dreamed of learning to surf? It’s now time you get out there and give surfing a go! We have the lesson for you. Surfing is the most enjoyable way to keep fit and have loads of fun while doing it. Who wants to work out in a stuffy old gym? Come to the most beautiful beach on the Gold Coast, Currumbin Alley and learn to surf instead! Our lessons are tailor made for woman only. A great opportunity to come along with your friends, experience the magic of the ocean and have a laugh.

Even if you are traveling solo our ladies lessons are a great way to meet new people so don’t be shy to come along by yourself. If you’re a mum, please bring the whole family, it is always good to see mum being cheered along by the kids! The great thing about surfing is that anyone can participate in the sport and its never too late to start, especially if you’re with our great team of coaches who will do everything they possibly can so that you enjoy your time in the water.

Things to consider

If you do want to learn how to surf, here are some things you may want to consider. You don’t need to be a super fit person when first starting out. Over time you will increase your stamina and improve your physical capabilities. You don’t need to be a certain weight or height to begin surfing as surfboards come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Surfboards can even be custom made to specifically suit the shape of your body. And most importantly, there definitely isn’t an age limit or cut-off point that prevents anyone from learning one of the most enjoyable and fun sports ever invented. So if you’ve been considering learning how to surf, there really are no excuses for putting it off any longer.

Lesson as available most days at 8am, 10am or 12pm 


ladies learn to surf

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