Surfing Services shared epic waves with an awesome crew this year at our annual surf coach trip at the Mentawais with coach Mark (Richo) Richardson.

Everyone achieved their own personal goals. These were set at the beginning of the Mentawais trip which was hugely satisfying for all involved. Some of the goals were to improved technique, positioning, barrel riding and some groms wanting to get more air plus working on wave selection. This is made easy when the waves were perfect off shore pits. It’s always great to be a part of an enthusiastic group and for each of you to share your surf trip with other like minded surfers. We had a crew ranging from mini groms, super groms to frothing groms.

There were many involved making it an epic experience for all.

Richo the Coach, Bianca his wife videoing, Grant from AquaPix captured every moment with his camera, drone or water photography, Flávio our Perfect Wave surf guide and coach helped develop the groms surfing. Our surf guides knew exactly where and when to go to surf the best waves each day. We had a full house with surfers Dax McGill, Josh Boyle, Blake Ireland, Ty Richardson, Ben Clarke & daughter Holly, Paul Mckay with son Julian, Rob McEvoy, John, Acupuncturist Jonathon Yang & partner Clare, Wayne Farell & partner Justine.

It was 10 days of bliss at Aloita resort Mentawais with perfect left handers out the front of Tikus. Only minutes away where we surfed anywhere between 5 to 9 hours a day was Scarecrows, Icelands, 7 Palms, Ombak Tedor, Telescopes and how could we forget Suicides.

Other activities besides surfing the perfect lefts.

We consumed the best traditional food including fresh fish and fruit. Relaxed with massages, drank cocktails, played pool & ping pong ( got competitive of course) and for more chill time stand up paddle boarded around the islands. One afternoon we got to experience the world best swimming and diving reefs we’d ever seen. We all accomplished swimming through the glorious caves, another highlight of the trip.


Words can’t explain just how amazing this Mentawais Surf trip was for all the surfers. We have hours of footage and thousands of perfect pics to reflect on.  All we can say at Surfing Services is don’t miss out next year, come and experience it for yourself, whatever your ambition with surfing are we can help you!

2017 coaching trips, dates and venues are now being confirmed, we hope to see you there!

Register your interest today for Surfing Services 2017 Surf Trip by clicking this link and filling in your details.

Mentawais Surf Trip

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