There are 5 different skills levels in SurfGroms.



Level 1 is perfect for you if you have never surfed before!  It teaches you all of the basic skills you need in the surf, and information on how to stay safe on the beach.  On completion of this level, you will be standing and riding small waves towards the beach with ease!

Surf skills 

  • Control/carry a surfboard up and over waves demonstrating commitment and control.
  • Ride white-water waves to the beach in the paddling position demonstrating good balance, positioning and control on the surfboard.
  • Ride a wave standing for at least 5 seconds demonstrating good balance towards the beach.


Level 2 is for those of you that have already acheived your Level 1 certificate and wristband, and want to learn how to ride small un-broken waves in the surf.  You will be introduced to different types of waves and will need to demonstrate basic self-rescue principles in the ocean.

Surf skills

  • Demonstrate the proper and effective ‘pop-up’from a prone position to standing when catching waves.
  • Ride an un-broken wave standing for at least 5 seconds demonstrating good balance towards the beach.



Level 3  This is where things start to get really exciting!  Once you have received your level 2 certificate and wristband, you’re good to start level 3.  You will be taught how to turn and control a surfboard whilst riding along the face of a wave.  You will also learn how to perform basic first aid procedures on the beach and how to rescue others in trouble from the ocean.

Surf skills

  • Paddle out in 2ft conditions using ‘eskimo rolls’ to negotiate oncoming waves.
  • Perform a basic ‘bottom turn’ successfully following take-off.
  • Ride along the face of the wave for at least 5 seconds demonstrating control.



Level 4 When you reach this level…you are becoming a REALLY good surfer!  You will need to demonstrate that you can perform a number of critical manoeuvres including bottom turns, top turns and cutbacks on the open face of unbroken waves.  You will be taught basic CPR procedures and how to treat various surfing injuries that could occur to you or your surfing mates.

Surf skills

  • Paddle out to the line-up in 2-3ft conditions.
  • Demonstrate an ability to rise along a 2-3ft wave face ‘forehand & backhand’.
  • Maintain speed and control whilst riding on a 3ft wave.

Level 5  This is your ultimate surfing goal…to complete this FINALSurfGroms level you will need to be a true Ripper in the surf!!  Linking manoeuvres in the surf with power and control in 3-4ft waves safely and effectively is essential, as well as being able to complete the ULTIMATE SURFGROMS CHALLENGE…only for the fearless one’s amongst you!!

Surf skills

  • Paddle out in 3-4ft conditions using ‘duck-dives’ to deal with oncoming waves.
  • Take-off on a 4ft un-broken wave and bottom turn to ride along the wave face.


Once you receive the coveted Level 5 wristband and certificate, you will be the envy of everyone in the line-up!!!!  

So why not give it a go today and see which level you are. Good Luck! 

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